about me

“mise en place” – a (french) culinary term that means “to set in place”.

I named my blog “mise en place”, partially tongue-in-cheek (as one glance at my kitchen, post-cooking, clearly shows a lack of order) and partially because the neurotic/organizer-side of me needs something to aspire to.

NorCal raised, SF-educated.  Previously busy spreading the love and magic that is Harmless Harvest throughout Northern California. Currently, herding cats and juggling calendars at Nuna.

My collection of kitchen gadgets, wanderlust, desire to cook new things has grown exponentially over the last year or two – I hope to share all my adventures with y’all.

I’m passionate about:

  • cooking + eating food
  • traveling
  • rock climbing
  • DIY projects

If you’re well-versed in anything listed above or just want to chat, find me at: TwitterInstagram, LinkedIn, or say hello@jesskuo.com!

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